About MINO

MINO [mee-no] is derived from an ancient Greek word for ‘bull’.

Bulls are known to represent wealth, courage, and strength — all of which boldly define our clients. We know that smaller, non‐institutional real estate investors drive positive change in local economies. Their hard work and appetite for risk helps improve and stabilize neighborhoods, and we believe they should have access to the same type of financing as the big guys.


Founded in 2021, MINO was developed from the need for real estate investors and property managers to access equity in their current portfolios, fund new acquisitions and, overall, grow their businesses. At the crossroads of this need sits Revela Inc., an industry leading property management software platform. Revela’s co-founders, Grant Drzyzga and John DeSilva, noticed a continuing inflow of requests from their clientele about the need for funding for their investments. Recognizing the opportunity to better serve their clients, the foundations of MINO Lending Solutions were born.


MINO Lending Solutions is a full service, nationwide originator focusing on the growth of its real estate investors. Our team has 70+ years cumulative real estate lending experience and has closed over 250,000 loans. We’re experts at our craft, and deeply care about providing a smooth and easy lending process for all of our clients.

How We’re Different

MINO is based in Detroit, Michigan (which, fun fact — is where one third of all loans in the U.S. are originated)! As a result, we have access to an incredible talent pool of individuals, and MINO is fortunate to have employees are have worked in multiple positions of this industry, such as underwriting, capital markets, valuations, credit repair, etc. We truly are experts at what we do, and we love sharing our knowledge and expertise with you!